Our Greatest Common Factor

If we only have one thing in common, it's that we all need a planet that can support life.

In a Nutshell; Newcomers Please Read!

The point of this blog is to spread the idea that common people like you and me can achieve huge things by working together (with the help of for example social media and existing Wiki-style net infrastructure) by gathering masses of ideas with brainstorming techniques and then refining them with iterations of critical thinking. And when I’m saying huge, I mean things like a realistic model for a sustainable society.

The Problem

  • The current course of humanity will sooner or later lead to an enormous ecological and/or economical and/or political disaster.
  • All existing options for a realistic socioeconomic system are outdated in the sense that they don’t aknowledge – enough or at all – the absolute limits of our resources in their core logic.

The Fix

  • To understand how exactly we need to change our current society to achieve realistic results, we must first have an new vision of an ideal society, that we are currently missing. In other words, we need to work our way from utopia to reality.
  • We need to come up with nothing less than a completely new socioeconomic system, whose first and foremost priority is to make sure our planet will never run out of resources that are imperative for it to keep on supporting life.
  • This is not impossible. Individuals or groups of individuals have invented new types of economic systems before, to fix what they’ve seen as fundamental flaws in previous systems. We now need to fix the fundamental flaw of unsustainability from our current system. And we have before unseen information infrastructure for connecting and sharing information, ideas and criticism, and to empower each other. This is still just a potential, it’s up to us whether we make use of it.

The Process

  • We need to keep an open mind, and during brainstorming processes, allow  all kinds of ideas, including the ones that might seem weird, useless, unethical or stupid at first sight. Most of them will probably prove to be exactly that, and will be discarded later on, but there’s also a possibility that some previously unthought-of idea pops up this way.
  • A lot of the process will be uncontrollable, divided to myriads of small groups online and offline, and it will certainly not happen exactly the way we might plan or hope. It’s natural, and we should not mind that. The more different variations of the idea of a sustainable society we have, as humanity, the more material we have from which to refine a working model when the time is ripe.
  • Everybody’s input is useful. We should not wait for some authority to tell us how to achieve this. You are an expert of your life – you can help by figuring out as little a detail you feel your capable of – it’s all valuable material.
  • We, and now I mean whoever finds this site and decides to stay, probably need some kind of an online database to save our ideas to. I’m thinking it should have a structure that’s viewable and easy to understand at a very general level, and refinable to a very detailed level when necessary. Mindmapping sites have those qualities – do you have experience of free ones, that could carry lots and lots of information?
  • One of the reasons why I’m writing anonymously, is that I have a strong feeling this thing should be about ideas, not personalities. What I mean is, if I couldn’t go on writing or contributing one day for any reason, this movement, or this part of a bigger movement, could live on if people see that the ideas are worth it. So do speak out, with your name or anonymously – here we judge only ideas, not individuals.

I hope and believe this turns out something good! Welcome!


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